It's about practice and not about perfection.

It began when I moved across the country and found myself in a place with no easy access to yoga. There were no yoga studios, no certified yoga teachers, no yoga community. So, I decided if I needed it, I would have to build it. The first step was a cute little brick and mortar yoga studio. It was an amazing first piece, but it wasn't long before I realized that another move was coming and I was about to find myself back at square one! I knew I needed something that could go with me, wherever that might be, and if I needed that, then probably other people needed it too. So, I continued to build.

There are plenty of online yoga platforms, but I hadn't found one that felt like home. I practice yoga to make the rest of my life better, not to achieve advanced poses or be able to sit for hours in meditation. I want to be able to hike mountain trails, bike around town, play with my dogs, play golf with my husband... you get the idea. But without yoga, all those activities that I love so much bring me pain and stiffness. I want yoga that understands it's a part of my life, not my whole life. I want yoga that understands I'm in "midlife" and trying to avoid a "crisis." I want yoga that understands that I refuse to compromise my understanding of how the body works in order to force my bones and joints into an "alignment map." I want yoga that makes me feel good in my own body. 

If any of this resonates with you, then maybe we should practice together.

If you have ever wanted to try yoga in the comfort of your home, this yogi is your gal. I tell people all the time that if they tried yoga and didn’t like it, they didn’t have the right teacher for them. [Jackie] is the person that made me fall in love with it.
— Tina R.
Private Yoga Sessions

Private Sessions

Private Yoga is a 1 on 1 attention to detail experience. Each session is crafted based on your personal needs, your goals, your body, and your schedule. You will not be asked to fit your body into a ready made container (i.e. - no pre packaged routines), instead we will work together to create a practice that addresses your concerns, your current strength and mobility levels, and your stated desires. This means each session will take into account what your body, and your mind, need in the moment. 

Group Yoga Classes

Free Series

Letting Go of Back Pain for good

This FREE! 4 part video series is not your typical program. This is the beginning of a deep dive into how your body works and how, when, and why you might want to make some changes. 

If you are one of the 8 out of 10 Americans who experience back pain then sign up now to receive the first video immediately. The rest will follow over a period of a few days. 


25 Minute Hamstrings: Strengthen While You Lengthen

Yoga is full of hamstring stretches, but it's short on hamstring strengthening. In this FREE video you will learn tricks to strengthen your hamstrings while stretching them in familiar yoga poses. 

Be balanced! You need to be strong, as well as flexible. 

Practice as a Lifestyle

Online Classes and Programs

Intentional Practice

Registration is Now Open!

This 6 week online yoga and meditation program will take you deeper into your practice than ever before. Build a practice with purpose.

There is a growing catalogue of full length individual classes you can download or stream.

If you want to take your practice deeper, then a full program is the way to go. Committing to regular practice, especially with there is a clear cut plan and intent, is the key to understanding more about your body, your breath, your mind, and how all three play together. 

I'm always adding new shorter (10-20 minute) classes to the Free Practice Community  and to my Youtube channel.