July Yoga Challenge

Hello Yogis! I’m excited to share a new challenge with you. For the month of July we will be doing Sun Salutations. We will add a salute each day of the month, so starting on Friday, July 1 we will do 1 Sun Salutation. On July 2, we will do 2 Sun Salutations. On July 3, we will do 3 Sun Salutations. See how it goes? 

I will be posting videos of me participating in the challenge - on Friday I’ll post a vid of me doing one solitary Salutation. Saturday, I’ll post a vid of me doing 2 Salutations. And so on throughout the month.

Now, like you, there is a possibility that I might miss a day or two, here or there. That’s ok! This is not a contest. You are not trying to outdo anyone. This is simply about practicing, about taking time out to get on your mat and work out the kinks. And as the month progresses, and the numbers start to add up, you might just find that you are a lot stronger than you thought you were!

So lets have fun with this and do it together. I’d love for you to post videos of you rocking the challenge. I’d also love to hear your thoughts and your insights as you progress through the month.

I’ll be talking about the challenge in class, and I encourage you to not only play along yourself, but invite others to play along as well.

Let’s Salute the Sun!