Big Announcement!

* I'm going to be broadcasting this everywhere for a while, so if you've already heard the "Big News," then just look away and go on about your business.

Many of you know that I opened the Peace Monkey Yoga studio in Dickinson, North Dakota because I needed a place to practice. But even then, I knew that a brick and mortar studio was not a long term solution for me because we move. A. Lot. 

My original plan was to build a physical yoga studio for my immediate practice and community needs and simultaneously build an online platform to serve my long term practice and community needs. 

The idea was a local studio named Peace Monkey Yoga (because the monkey is freaking fabulous!) and an online "studio" under my own name - Jackie Blackwell Yoga (because personal names are more easily remembered and searched than clever studio names, therefore, more easily advertised to a wider base). 

But attempting to "build" both ideas was a tad overwhelming (read no way, no how, not enough coffee in the universe to create that much mental and physical energy!). Thus, everything has remained under the Peace Monkey Yoga blanket even though I no longer own the studio.

Until now. Soon this website (along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc) will change its name to Jackie Blackwell Yoga

Don't worry overmuch, nothing really changes for you as a user, the main URL will become, but will still get you here (they both work now. try them out.). I will be adjusting the contact email on this site as well, but you can always contact me via, that won't change. 

Throughout the month of August, I will be shifting things over to the new name and hope that by September I will have everything completed. If you run into any issues along the way, please let me know! In fact, let me know whatever you are thinking about this shift. 

I'm still all about

practice. not perfection.