Feeling Powerful? Want to?

This practice is all about finding your inner goddess. Well, we aren't actually getting into any esoteric bullshit, we are just finding Goddess Pose, and breathing powerfully there. There are also plenty of other hip opening poses to get your inner thighs fired up and stretched out. 

Goddess is one of my favorite poses because I do feel powerful when I'm in it. The amount of external rotation that naturally happens in my hips is not going to be what you typically see in magazines. My hips don't move that far! And my pelvis tends to tip forward when I go into external rotation (which means that opening the legs wider doesn't necessarily mean you are opening your hips farther. If you're like me, once you hit your max external rotation the pelvis tips and you either lean forward or you arch your low back which feels like you're sitting up straight). None of this is wrong, but it's an opportunity to pay attention to what's happening in your body in any given moment. 

Once you notice, you can make choices. If your pelvis tips forward or backward (if it tips backward you might notice your low back rounding), you can either stay with it and explore that or you can bring your feet closer together. If you make your Goddess narrower, it might not feel like you are going as deep, getting as much stretch in the inner thighs, or not working as hard, BUT you are exploring your natural ranges of motion and working within them which can be the source of healing. Neither choice is better than the other, they are simply options. Be mindful about what your body needs in this moment. You can always do it differently next time!

Find your inner goddess! This yoga practice will open your inner thighs and hips as you strengthen your legs and core. Find power in movement and in stillness.