The Easy Way to Choose the Best Yoga Mat

You probably know that I'm a Jade Yoga Mat girl! I did my research when I was searching for the perfect mat. One that fit both my practice needs and my hippie environment loving sensibilities. I took tons of time reading what the various companies said about their own products, plus reading reviews, interviewing all my yogi friends, etc. A. Ton. of. Time.

Well, I have some good news for you. did all the research for you, so you can take advantage of their time and effort and choose the perfect mat for you and your practice. Maybe you don't give a shit about breathing in chemicals or how many trees were planted when you bought your mat, you just don't want your mothereffing hands sliding in down dog!  Maybe you're a girl after my own heart and you want the most environmentally friendly mat out there. Or you need something light and portable to carry to class. All of your needs and your desires are valid and you shouldn't let anyone tell you to compromise what you really want/need!

So, go check out this amazing resource! Read all the nitty gritty about each mat, or skip to the summary of what they found. You'll find answers to most of your yoga mat questions. If you find that you are still waffling, close your eyes, spin around 3 times, and order the one you land your finger on. In the end, just have a mat you love, to make the practice you love that much better. And let me drop a truth bomb on ya... sometimes you have to buy the wrong mat to find the right one. Don't be afraid to make the wrong choice.


The Best Yoga Mat
Get the right amount of traction for your downward dog