The Real Deal on Practicing Yoga at Home

There are lots of people who work with me, both online, in person, private clients, and public group class participants who admit to struggling with their home yoga practice. 

This can be for several reasons, the most common of which boils down to discipline. Other excuses vary from not knowing what to do, feeling like they always do the same thing, not pushing themselves, aka being lazy, or even being afraid they will injure themselves. While I can't help you with the discipline part, I can assure you that my own home practice is usually pretty simple. Nothing fancy. Nothing hard. I sit in meditation for 5-20 minutes, I practice EFT (feel free to Google that and learn something new and goofy about me), then I get on my mat and breathe through whatever movements feel good. I do have some standard things that I try to include every week. These are movements that I've discovered work very well with my body, essentially prepping my body to move well for the rest of the day, whether my day will be spent at my desk or on the hiking trail. All of these movements are therapeutic in nature.

I tell people this all the time. Yoga doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't even have to include Sun Salutations (my home practice rarely does). Yet, I don't think they believe me. I'll freely admit that sometimes I crank out handstands. I love headstands. I love arm balances. I like working towards new and exciting poses. But those days when I get on the mat and work up a sweat are few and far between. My regular practice is much quieter and much simpler than people believe.

So I decided to prove it. I stuck my iPhone in the corner and recorded 2 consecutive days of what happened on my mat. I kept it completely real. I did you a favor and sped it up so you can get a glimpse without having to sit through the whole thing, although truthfully the whole thing wasn't all that long.

If you have any questions about what you should be doing on your mat, I'm happy to give you suggestions. And I support you guys who want some more focused guidance. There will be a new online program coming out soon, so home practice can be that much easier. In the meantime, here's my home practice. Let me know what yours looks like.

This is what my normal Home Practice looks like. This is the unvarnished truth. Pajamas and all. Yoga doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be hard. It just needs to be honest.

In case you're curious about exactly what I'm doing, here's a list of most of it:

  • scapular squeeze and press in cat/cow
  • rhomboid push ups
  • turbo dog push ups
  • dolphin
  • shoulder flossing
  • child's pose with side stretch
  • knee circles
  • 6-way hip range movement series (flexion, internal and external rotation, abduction, adduction, extension)
  • Active spinal twist with flat shoulders and adductor activation (squeezing block)
  • psoas and quad stretch with hamstring activation (standing and from low lunge)
  • wide cobra waves with "super strong legs"
  • downward facing dog
  • pigeon with glute, hamstring, adductor and quad activation - beginning with  upper back backbend leading to forward fold
  • SI joint resets