Video: Little Actions - "Glute - Hamstring" activation

I'm back with some more "little actions" to turbo charge your practice! This time we will focus on the extensor muscles in the backs of your legs - glutes and hamstrings. Use these actions to fire those muscles when you need them, and also when you want to add some eccentric contractions to your stretching poses (you don't need to remember the terminology, just know that the research shows engaging the muscle you are stretching is more effective than stretching a passive muscle).

As a bonus, the practice portion of the video incorporates the last "little action" - the push down - to give you twice the challenge!

Have fun and let me know what you think!

Come along with me while we work these "little actions" that make all the difference!
Build strong glutes and hamstrings for better balance and stability in your yoga practice and in your life!