Putting a new spin on the phrase "lighting a fire under your ass"

Today's short practice is about firing up the back body. Back body? Is that one of those vaguely nonmeaningful esoteric bullshit things that yoga teachers say? Like blossoming your toes or breathing through your feet? Sort of. And sort of not.

Your back body is simply the back plane of your physical body. Your back side? Yes. And more. I'm typically referring to the area from the top of your head, down your neck and spine, the backs of your legs, down to your heels.

In this practice, you will discover a deep relationship with your glutes (your back side) and your hamstrings (your core will be challenged as well!). You will fire those muscles in a particular order, designed to boost your body's natural "extension" action. You will also be testing the hypothesis (actually pretty well documented at this point) that working a muscle while stretching it is more effective than passive stretching. So while you might be fatigued or even sore if you work the actions hard, you will also feel like you stretched a lot. Pretty damn cool if you ask me!

Thank goodness this practice is short because you might be surprised how much energy you will expend in a few focused postures! Let's go. It's practice time. Fire up that back body!

From your shoulders to your toes, get ready to Fire Up your Back Body! You will strengthen your upper back, lower back, glutes and hamstrings in this surprising sequence.