What is the 6 Week Hamstring Program?


Long Strong Hamstrings

The focus for this program is the hamstrings: you will learn balance between stretching and strengthening this enigmatic muscle group. The hamstrings are one of the few muscle groups in the human body that most people know by name and yet don't understand how or when to properly engage them so they work efficiently. 

Even though our focus will be on how we are using the hamstrings, and their partners, each class will be a full spectrum practice - a full body workout. Each week will have a sub focus as well, so you will learn the subtle, and not so subtle, ways that your hamstrings play a role in different types of postures.

What you get:

  • 2 full length practice videos each week. Follow along and finish all 12 videos in 6 weeks, or take your time and work through them more slowly, in fact, take all the time you need because you get lifetime access to the whole program!
  • 2 15-25 minute practices for those days when you are pressed for time.
  • 2 meditation audios to supplement your practice.

By completing this challenge you will:

  • significantly strengthen your hamstrings
  • increase your current range of motion (i.e. "lengthen" your hamstrings - you'll also learn what this really means)
  •  recognize when and how you should be using this powerful muscle group
  •  master the art of using your hamstrings in backbends, standing poses, single leg balances, as well as forward folds.

Most importantly you will:

  • create a habit of tuning in to what is happening right now instead of letting your mind wander and your body move by rote.
  • create a bond between your body, your mind, and your breath. 

Are you ready to commit to 6 weeks of practice?